ABOUT ME (the awkward one I have to write):


TNae Wilcox was raised in Michigan. One of her most memorable moments is lying on the floor, at the age of four, with her baby brother and a book. She spent her early years writing long-winded birthday cards that only her grandmother wanted to read. TNae now resides in Michigan with her husband, and two children.

(The less-awkward 'ABOUT ME')

I'm a wife, a mother, a storyteller, and a food-lover from Detroit, Michigan. I've been penning stories for as long as I can remember. It's always been kept a secret because I thought if I told anyone they'd think it was silly. It took my husband to say "you're a writer" for me to finally claim my passion.

I self-published my first short story, A Wandering Mind, in 2013. Hopefully, no one will ever find it online because it sucked. It was also a really good learning experience. I've published several more short stories since then (should be more. See my post.)


(the extremely short version)

Born in Michigan. Wife, and a mother. Believer of Christ. Writer. Tv-watcher. Food-addict. I’m just happy to be here.