This isn't a real post. I'll be honest with you. I had a bad effin' day. There, I said it. I did. I had a plan for today and it was all turned on its head. And it's no ones fault but my own. 

Don't you hate when that happens? 

It's called life, my friend. 

If it doesn't happen, that means life isn't there. Then, I'd be dead. See what I did there? 

I am like a wild ride when I hit an obstacle. I mostly make jokes, but I have small pockets of angry moments. Maybe some pouty moments, too. I'm working on it. I'm highly aware of how I handle the bad things that fall into my lap, and I like to think I'm getting better at it. Awareness is always the first step, right? 

Yeah. I'm getting better. 

I had written something else to post today. It only needed to be edited but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not that post. Not today.

So here's a quote. I like to submerge myself in them when feeling down.

It's cool. I'm good;) 

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