This year had not been a good reading year for me. I've read several books (or started, I should say) and had given up on them for various reasons. I know there are lots of readers who would say that you should finish it anyway, but I'd been hearing from more than a few people that it's okay to put a book down because life is too short to spend days dragging my feet thru a book.

This year was spent trying out this notion. How did I like it? I liked it a lot:)

Life is too short. Time is precious. I love my reading time. I don't want to have it turned into some chore like doing the dishes.

I'm sure you'd like me to name off the books that nearly killed my reading habit, but I won't simply because of, you know, karma:) If someone hated my book I'd very much appreciate it if they'd keep it to themselves.

Packed with so much of what I like. 

Packed with so much of what I like. 

Anyway, then came a book that was like medicine. It has restored me, truly. I visited an indie bookstore a couple of weeks ago and picked it up from the shelf (because the cover was beautiful) and read the jacket. I didn't buy it because I wasn't gonna pay $26 for another story that might've been put down.

I have a Scribd account and decided to use my one credit (one credit!) to try out this audiobook and GOODNESS GRACIOUS have I enjoyed it.

It's got violence!

And people that come back from the dead!

And people that can talk to animals!

And crime!

And mind control!


I'm not done with it yet. Almost. It's 68 chapters (I think. It's not in front of me right now) and 16 hours long. I'm on chapter 49 and am savoring every bit of it.

And you know what? I'll be buying the ebook this week. Then, I'll buy the hardback because I love it so much it MUST sit on my bookcase.