I'm holding a Whopper in one hand (it was on the way to my destination!) and typing with the other because this just couldn't wait. I'm acting on spur of the moment feelings. Had I not been in Detroit, I might've pulled over and wrote so that my thoughts could just pour onto the digital page, but you don't just pull over in any old spot in the D so I had to get to where I was going and hope that those feelings, the urge to write this post, would still be there. I was listening to a Google Hangout because for the past couple of days my word count on my current wip had been low, like, really low because I didn't FEEL like writing. So, I've been on the lookout for things to motivate me. You know, that high that gets you through the work. The hangout was a interview with Steve Windsor (sorry host, I forgot your name). Steve was talking about writing, and writing fast. It always gets me pumped up for writing.

While listening, I started to think about a good two weeks I had earlier this year in July, where I'd barely slept some days because it seemed like the story I was writing was burning in my guts and so I was writing like a mad person.

Compare that to this month, where I've been loathing to type for more than 30 minutes for various reasons but the gist of it is that I just didn't FEEL like it.


What's with them anyway?! I had just read a post by Ksenia Anske about how The Silence of the Lamb had brought about a question that brought her to tears. And her story touched me. And the way something makes you FEEL is so powerful and sometimes I wish that I could bottle these emotions up and release them into myself whenever I wanted:

*When I watch a movie or read a book that stirs me.

*When my daughter wraps her tiny arms around my neck and thanks me for taking care of her.

*On Sunday when my pastor is speaking and I'm feeling conviction and want to be better as a person.

*When I'm in the car with my family and someone cracks a joke that makes everyone lol.

*The passion that I had back in July when I couldn't wait to get to the keyboard and I was just gonna sleep when I was dead!

I want these emotions. I want to capture them and hoard them.