I hope you enjoyed your holidays (if you celebrate). I did. I don’t cook, but I did peel the heck out of some potatoes;) I chip in in other ways. I buy stuff, and have also added grating cheese to my arsenal. It’s not that I can’t cook, I mean, I cook the basic things because I do have a family to keep alive. And last I checked, everyone is breathing. Every once in a while I’ll look on Pinterest and get fancy.

It’s been a struggle with this first trimester of pregnancy, but I’ve been polishing up MOTHER, the book that was supposed to come out forever-ago. This makes baby #3 for us, but it’s been a 7 yr gap since the last kid and the growing pains are very real. Sitting is a pain. Standing is a pain. Hard seats are a pain. Cushioned seats are a pain. Kinda no way to escape it.

I’m determined, though. I’ve stopped and started this story so many times I honestly don’t even know how I can come back to it excited EVERY time. That might sound bad, but it’s been 3 or 4 years I’ve worked on it on and off. You’d think (at least I would) this story would’ve lost the magic for me.

Although it’s been several drafts with variations on the structure and happenings, the story is still at its core about a monstruous parasite that takes over bodies to wreak havoc before being expelled from the vessel. 

...he sneezes right into Robert’s face. Robert sits down on the ground. He feels lightheaded and the world tilts. Sherry asks him what’s wrong but he doesn’t say, just gets up and walks a drunk line to his yard next door.

This is a (outlined) scene from one of the more recent drafts. Two kids, Robert and Amanda, are giving the Buster the dog a bath when Buster sneezes right into Robert’s face. It’s amazing how many ways we have for things to get in. The story definitely made me a little more cautious about germs.

I’ve also been thinking about the cover. I still like it. It’s hard to say whether or not there will be a new one for it. Feels like it should be, since I’ve been dangling this one in front of everyone for so long.


What do you think? New cover, or no?