It’s been 3 months. I’ve been away again, doing the money dance. Shaking the money tree. However you might want to put it. Doing side gigs. Not producing anything and feeling horrible about it. When I was writing, I was still getting stuck. I know I told you in a post that I had become unstuck. I did, then I got stuck again. I am persistent, I’ll give myself that. 

If you put things out for others to consume, maybe you understand the problem I have. It’s kind of stupid when I think about it. I’m excited about the story. I write the story, then I’m not happy with it and so I shelf it. All the work for nothing. Well, something because I’m practicing my craft. I’m also practicing not completing the project. By not completing, I mean not publishing it for people to read. 

Here I am, all fed up with doing things that doesn’t add to building towards my own goals, and ready to try again. Of course, I’m working on something (I’m always working on something), but I won’t tell the details until I post again next week.

Hope you’ve been well. I haven’t been communicating from the website, but I have been sending out emails to those that signed up to my newsletter. If you want to join that party just type in your email below.