I've been writing since before my kids were born. They found out I was an author only about two weeks ago. It feels a little awkward, especially since last year when my daughter was in pre-k, every time I started to read her a book she'd always say "Wait, mom. Who's the author and illustrator?"

Every time.

I thought it was wonderful that she made sure to know who wrote the story first, and you could tell that it was a big thing in her class. That was my opportunity to tell her that I was one of those people; an author. I have no idea why I didn't.

My daughter and I were sitting on the couch the week before last, binge-watching the latest season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (this is our thing) when a book fell off of the bookshelf. She went over to pick it up and I guess the name caught her eye.

Mom, what's this name?

D. J. Steinberg

D. J. Steinberg is the author.

That's right, an author just like mommy (I say this absentmindedly because the show is coming back on).

WHAT!? You're an author?

I looked at her face and her mind was totally blown. It's funny now that I think of it because I wonder what they thought I did at my desk for so long (pictured above).  She's been sure to tell everyone since she found out (including her older brother who was also surprised) and I'm pretty sure if she's ever around when I am introducing myself to someone new that I won't have to worry myself about revealing that part of my life. She's happy to do it for me.

Speaking of writing, I've been working on LIFE IN THE DARK, a story that originated about three years ago. I've always wondered when I heard an author say they've been working on a story for five years or more if this is the way they meant it. That they've worked on it on and off, THE WAY I'VE WORKED ON 10+ projects.

I was supposed to write a blog post earlier this week about the story. Actually, I did write the post. Just never posted it. About three minutes ago that post was deleted, because the story I've been working on has taken a very sharp turn. And it's headed in a direction that I'm liking better than before. The title might even change.

Since there's been this change, I barely even want to look in the direction of any other writing so I'll be taking another week off the flash fiction. Next week's post will be on more of the development of the story. I hope you'll be back for that.

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