It's Sunday morning as I write this. My eyes are tired from all the fun I had last night and I am tempted to cheat with some lesser post but I can't because I have to tell you about this greatness that I've been encountering. 

So, I already told you that The Girls by Emma Cline is eating me right now. Sometime last year, I was looking around BookRiot's website and there were lots of headlines like: 'If You've Read Such&Such, Here's What You Should Read Next'. I've seen these kind of posts before, and every time I'm thinking WHY DO YOU WANT SOMEONE TO TELL YOU WHAT TO READ NEXT? Without really exploring the post to see what was up.

By some total accident, I am experiencing the idea behind this grouping of books (if there's a proper name for it let me know because I tried googling and came up with nada). I'm not reading multiple books though.

The Girls is steeped with all kinds of feminist issues, theories, etc. This coming at a time where there's a massive situation going on with standing up for rights, particularly women's rights. I log on to Twitter and there's conversation happening there. I log into Instagram and there's conversation+pictures of signs and marches going on there. I log into Snapchat and there are personal stories and dialogue there. I watch my fave Youtubers and they're talking about it. And I read/listen to all of it but the topic hadn't really come to life for me until I started to read The Girls.

I'm not even far enough in the book to know if it will hit directly on women's rights, but it sure is touching close to it right now. 

This wonderful artwork, 3d glasses, by Paul Fuentes. He sells prints and other art merchandise on Society6. Check out his Instagram  @pauleFuentes_design

This wonderful artwork, 3d glasses, by Paul Fuentes. He sells prints and other art merchandise on Society6. Check out his Instagram @pauleFuentes_design

So why is this book bringing the subject matter to life for me? Because it's reminding me of my own womanhood and how it all began. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but ISH! GO READ THE BOOK! Or add it to your TBR!  Be reminded (or learn something) about how it was to be a young girl submerged into the murky waters of puberty, experiencing sexual feelings, the way we acted in front of the opposite sex and the things we did in a desperate act to get their attention.

I remembered how it was before I read the book, but The Girls has helped to bring other details to my mind, sharpen and define them. It's not ALL about this stuff, of course. There's a gritty story going on involving a cult and a mass killing. Just so you know, that plot is what made me keep going on in the beginning.

But anyway, since I am reading this book and catching it all over the internet, it's like a ongoing conversation. A conversation that I enjoy, too. I am being educated on a monumental concern and have grown because of it. 

I couldn't read book after book on the same theme (unless it was different genres), only because I take too long to get through books, but consuming a book and other media on the same subject is something I will do more of from now on. It's just crazy how I picked up The Girls at this exact moment.  There's so much more I'd like to say about the thoughts I've had, and raising my daughter but this post is running a little longish.

If you stuck around to the end, Thank You ❤️  

Also, all last week I worked on a short story that should be up at the end of this coming week. It's called The Invisible Night and it touches on judging people/situations by what they look like.

Have you had any similar experience of being hit from every direction by a topic?

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