Hill Folks   by Jonathan Rooney

Hill Folks by Jonathan Rooney

I know I have become elusive and slippery as the Big Foot and maybe some of you want answers and maybe some of you just want me to get on with it. I’m gonna go with the latter only because…

Everything in its due time.

In its due time? WhoTH do you think you are?!

I know, I know. But trust me, it’s not that serious.

Today is Friday. Things in Between is open again and I’ve got a couple of new ideas for it. Like Fridays being kind of a dump day.

dump (giggles) Maybe I could come up with something better than that but I only have about a good 30 minutes before my 7 month old wakes and demands my attention so I gotta be swift. I’ll rethink that later.

So back to Dump Day. Everyone needs one, right? Every Friday I’ll come here and comment on my week (hence, the dump) and add some things to the end of the post that caught my attention such as books and other things that I’ll link to.

I nearly died this week. No, I didn’t. I did start intermittent fasting and a sugar fast tho, which is a little bit like dying. The sugar one is probably the hardest. There are so MANY benefits to doing both of the fasts like increased focus and energy, a healthy gut, and not looking pregnant—and who wants to look pregnant when they’re not.

Have you tried the fast, or want to try it??

Or have you read any of these books?

Comment=love 🤗