A New Beginning -illustration by Sara Rothwell

A New Beginning-illustration by Sara Rothwell

This week sat the week before clothes on the porch.

I didn’t read anything this week other than craft books here and there, but I did listen to a couple of audio dramas. One in particular was about a guy going thru severe diarrhea issues (link below) and that was funny but the story wasn’t a comedy. Every time I delve into an audio drama I am completely awestruck how this art form faded. I love audio dramas so much! And spoiler alert: this form is what I’ve been working on.

I know that’s kinda out of left field. No, I’m not giving up books. I love writing books. As a matter of fact, producing audio dramas give me a new appreciation for writing books because I don’t have to wait on anyone when I write them. With the dramas I have to wait for voice actors to audition and get someone to help with sound FX that I can’t find and it needs mixing and mastering which I also can’t do and —

Yeah it’s alot. Not with books. I can write a book and put it up on all retailers by myself if I want to.

Back to the week tho. I almost forgot. I celebrated my 32nd birthday this week. Oh my goodness I’m getting old. Yep, 32. That takes just a little bit of breath from me when I say it. Not that I think it’s old (I said I was getting old, not that I was!) It’s just that yesterday I was 17 and sitting in a chair at a tattoo party and having a tramp stamp etched into my skin (which, in my defense, I don’t know if they were being called that yet. The name just amuses me).

Time has been rushing me eversince I turned 21.

I had a great birthday, not because it was because a big blowout event. I don’t know any other way to put it other than it just felt good. I wasn’t sitting in a corner sobbing about any regrets. I was happy. Woke up happy, had Chinese food for dinner and then slept good.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. Here are some link-y things:

* The author of this book has some great titles. Have you read any of his work? Cover Reveal: A Lush And Seething Hell

*Here’s the audio drama I mentioned: The Disintegration Of Aaron Weiss

* I watched the first episode of this and I like it so far: The Umbrella Academy