When the lemonade icee is actually a scoop of snow drenched with piss.

When the pile of chocolate covered rice is actually mice poo (yep, I said POO!). Why are you trying to eat chocolate covered rice anyway?

Look again, my friend. Life is full of situations like this, where things, (or in the case of my short story: situations) aren't as they appear. I remember a time when I was on the outside looking in. I thought this family had it better than mine. I broke bank trying to dress a certain way, to fix my house a certain way

to just BE a certain way!

Then, I found out that the wife shoplifted, and the husband had a gambling problem (which caused so many problems that it brought their darkness to light). It left me feeling stupid. Meet Donna. She's divorced and her life has been nothing short of suffocated and bitter, mostly because she's too busy letting her husband's 'happy marriage' rot her insides.

YES! It's finally ready for you. And while I'm here, I'll tell you now that this is not the book that I promised to be published in March. There were three weeks in February when the stomach flu ran rampant through my house and pretty much put that pub date to rest. I'm still working on it... frantically. Every week I'll let you know where I am with it.

Thank you to everyone who requested a free copy. I hit the limit for 100 copies earlier than intended and will have to close the offer. The story is going to Kindle Unlimited in a few days.