You've changed!

Who hasn't heard this at least twice in their life. My husband says it to me a lot. Mostly just to annoy me, other times it's truth.

And I'm like, "I gave birth. Twice!" (Yup, that card never expires)

Editing my short story collection meant reading through all 7 stories again. They all hold some kind of sentiment for me. For example, when I wrote Prankster in the Box I had my brother in mind. Him and I were closer in our teen years. Don't get me wrong, he's still my ace but things are a bit different. We've changed, and mostly it's just growing up.

I got married and had kids. My brother got married and has a baby on the way. I can no longer expect him to drop everything to come to my rescue, (even though he'll do whatever is in his power) but I wouldn't EXPECT him to. That's what my husband is for (love you babe!).

Gone are the days of sitting in Pizza Hut's parkinglot, smashing a large pepperoni with my sibling and telling each other secrets. My husband and I hang out with my brother and his wife, (we're all besties) but we don't see each other nearly as much as we like. We're grownups with responsibilities and what-not.

So when writing about Mel's feelings concerning her brother I was able to relate. I could imagine the way she felt, even the momentary relief of the familiarity she had when they were in the kitchen celebrating. Change is especially hard when you're the same person today that you were back then. That's another reason Mel is upset.

I don't know how many little behind-the-scenes I'll do, but I've already drafted two more from different stories in the collection.