A Long 48 Hours


(written Saturday Feb. 7th)

I was gonna post on Thursday. No, I really was, but I got caught up in searching for snow pants...SNOWPANTS! I called every store in a 25 mile radius to find this boy (my 6 Yr old) snowpants so he wouldn't have to watch all of his classmates play in the snow without him. This game of finding a needle in a haystack took up four hours of my writing time. Sounds impossible, right? Four hours? But, I kid you not.

Then, my son comes home from school not feeling well. Really not feeling well;



Both symptoms were like ninjas that no pain med could defeat. Add to that, a very upset tooth that was infected. His poor cheek had ballooned because of said infection, and now, after a long 48 hours, my son and I are in his hospital room and he's doing much better.

I wasn't able to put anything together to share about The Nolan Sisters, but I can tell you that it's about sibling relationships. The things that tear them apart and the things that bring them together.

Sasha, the youngest, has been interesting to write. She's a little bit quirky, and immature.

Mariah is the oldest and since the age of 11 she's had to be more to Sasha than just a sister. Kids growing up before their time is a topic I am passionately concerned about.

I usually proofread these posts like 3 or 4 times before posting. I'm functioning on 3 hours of sleep right now. Even if I did push myself to reread I'd miss tons of stuff, I know it. My eyeballs feel unreliable right now.





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