My mind is filled with hundreds of tiny bombs set by Emma Cline. 

I mean, goodness! Have you read The Girls??!! That book is full of all kinds of... of... (breathe!) 

It's too early to review the book, so let's just say it's more of just my thoughts. I had a hard time deciding which book to start after putting The Madwoman Upstairs down (not saying that it was bad, just couldn't get into it. So it's back on my tbr.) It was a toss up between Ksenia Anske's Irkadura and The Girls by Emma Cline. I went with The Girls because I wanted to do a blog series on Irkadura and I just don't have the time this month.


I started the book this morning, blind. That's right, when I added The Girls to my reading list I hadn't even read a blurb.

It said 'GIRLS'. I'm a girl.

From the cover, looked like it might be diving into some heavy stuff and boy do I like HEAVY STUFF. 

I got up early on Saturday morning, about 4am, made me a cup of chai tea and plunged right in. The storytelling nearly chewed a hole in me. It was only chapter 1! Every scene was giving so much: the language, the engagement between characters, the detail. It felt so ALIVE. I don't want to go into too much. I'll save it for when I post after I finish.

I'm too excited. I'm only on chapter 4 and I don't even care how the book ends. It's already perfect to me. 


Have you read The Girls?