The Video That Didn't Happen

I was supposed to post a video today. I had been planning it for two whole weeks. 

So where's the video? Let me explain. 

I waited until Monday to attempt the video.

Me, "I have 30 minutes. Pfff.  I can do a video in that time." 

One thing I hadn't thought of is how much of a stickler I am for things, and thus, fifty videos were born (counting the ones I did today) all because the light sucked, the camera was sitting too high, the camera was sitting too low, my voice went weird from trying over and over and...

I could go through all of the vids, take pieces from here and there and edit up something better than all fifty of the ones I shot, but then it probably wouldn't be ready until tomorrow (got kids, and uh, other life things) So, I decided instead of being a day late that I'd just write it out. 


Hey! Guess what? Back in November a narrator adapted my short story, The Gift, into audio. Reading through the story again reminded me of why I liked it so much. It's about two people who's marriage is completely turned on it's side because of a miscommunication. I've been married for almost seven years so I know how much damage something going unsaid can hurt a relationship. 

**There is an element of fantasy because, ya know, that's the kind of stuff that I write.**

If you have not read the story you can download it for FREE! It's on Amazon, Nook, Kobo & Scribd. If you'd like to hear the audiobook Audible has given me codes to gift them to anyone. Click the link below to sign up for it.

However you decide to enjoy the story, please do me a huge favor and review it on places like Amazon, Itunes, or Audible. Reviews are one of the best ways you can help indie authors. Or, if you'd like to show some support, you can buy it for $4 from Audible or Itunes.

Thank you so much for reading. I am working on another story right now. If you haven't seen the bottom of my homepage it's called 'The Nolan Sisters'. I'll be posting bits and pieces to the blog every week so you can have a sneak peek at it. Come back for that.

Enjoy the sample below. 

A wife's desperate plan involving dark magic backfires.