My Week

Had a rough week (the capital i on my keyboard doesn't work when typing online. Stupid, right?). Anyway, there were lots of writer-pity-party days, and lots of nonwriting tasks that have kept me from writing a better blog post.

Skipping this week was a thought, but i just didn't want to. 

So, here's a look at my week: 

  • Was messing around on twitter and found this little pick me up. Think it's time to start journaling again.
  • Trying to finish House of Cards as quickly as possible because...well, it's just so good!  (4 episodes to go)
  • WARMER OUT!!! (smiley face)
  • Geeked up about Game of Thrones (like you don't know.) 
  • in the process of finding something to read, but have been skipping around in Set This House in Order because it's one of my favorites. 



  • Working on a 'Nolan Sisters'-related blog post for next week. The pub date is approaching fast!