I've found over and over again that when you find something inspiring you have to hold on to it for dear life. 


It's early Sunday morning (3am!). I'm sitting at my brother's dining room table because I had to stay the night. My house was hit by the power outage on Friday and the temp in the house dropped quick. We huddled up in my bed on the first cold night. My bed CANNOT fit 4 bodies comfortably. IT. JUST. CAN'T. 

My brother's couch isn't a whole lot more comfortable but at least it's warm and I can get up and write early in the morning (you might call it the middle of the night. Tomayto, tomato.) I tried to sit in the office at my house and write but it's hard to think when your toes have gone numb from cold, wooden floors. 

Sometimes when I do nothing but writing, and other work related stuff I start to feel like I am a computer. I've been thinking lately about things that really set my passion on fire and thought I'd share those things with you. Are you ready? In no particular order, here goes:

1. Quentin Tarantino This kind of feels like it needs no explanation, but that might just be because he is so awesome to me (might not be the case for you). His stories are crazy and violent and I love them. If you didn't know, I'm a fan of violent movies. Other than that, his characters are complex and real, The dialogue is PHENOMENAL. 

2. Neil Gaiman Come on. It's NEIL GAIMAN

3. Matt Reeves He's a genius!

4. Joss Whedon Joss inspires me a lot. He just keeps coming back and he works really hard. I love watching his videos or reading his interviews.

5. Tim Burton He was actually my very first inspiration. I remember seeing Edward Scissorhands and realizing how much creating stories made me happy.

6. Stephen King Obvious. Isn't he on every writer's list? 

7. Sweeney Todd (movie/musical) This is one of my favorite movies. The story is excellent and I marvel at the plot twist EVERY TIME I SEE IT. 

8. Planet of the Apes (movie) This is probably my #1 favorite movie franchise. I aspire to write a story as well as this one one day. 

9. Mad Max This movie was when I first realized how cool it was to inject stories with culture and traditions.

10. Preacher The show I go insane for right now. There are so many television shows out there but I only watch a few of them every season and this happens to be one of them. (I love Ruth Negga!) 

11. Game of Thrones Did you know there are people on earth that don't watch this show? I am only aware of it because my husband is one of them. CRAZY! 

12. Shameless My other show I will stop life for to watch. The plot is crazy and I love ALL of the characters. I miss Shiela!

13. Sandman (comics) Maybe this one shouldn't be here because I haven't read it yet. The things I do know about it makes me tingle inside. Also, #2 dude. 

14. Set This House in Order (book) This is my favorite book. I read the ebook about four times and recently received my copy of the hardcover in the mail. (Yes, I did a happy dance) And the book is an autographed copy!! 

15. The Green Mile (book & movie) Another one that I watch/read and know for sure that storytelling is life. MY LIFE. 

16. Ray Bradbury The first writing that I read and felt like I could actually do this. 

When I feel like I'm in a rut, I turn to something/someone from my list and it makes me feel human again. 

 What are some things that help you feel better about your profession, passion, or life? 


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