There's this moment in every story (well, most stories) where an event happens or a character says something and it tears your heart open and all the feels leak out.  Those FEELS...

You know what I'm talking about. 

I watched MOONLIGHT a few days ago. This isn't a review, although I will say that I enjoyed the character development. Instead, I wanted to share my point in the movie where my heart was torn open. I felt sorry for the little boy who didn't like to be home because his mom was on drugs. I don't know what that situation feels like, but it looks horrible. 

That isn't where it happened for me, though. It isn't until Chiron is on the field and trying to play with the other boys and is left out that I started to feel the tug. That was the beginning of a very big part of his life that I'm passionate about...


I despise it, for all the negative impact it has on victims: it quiets them, develops self-hate, and a whole heap of other garbage that can lead to some seriously disturbing issues. Kids are committing suicide at younger ages. How sad it is that lives are being taken before they even really begin. I experienced  being bullied in middle school. It wasn't so bad but some days I had rather just stayed home. I also took part in bullying by talking about others, and laughing at them.

Watching Moonlight brought those memories to mind. For the rest of the movie I was wishing that I could go back and treat people better.

Say hello to the girl walking down the hallway by herself. 

Not partake in making fun of Sarah's big boobs (we were all just jealous anyway) 

Sit at the lunch table with the nerds. I probably would've enjoyed the conversation better there anyway. 

But I can't go back. So every morning I tell my kids to go to school and try to make someone else's day better, be a good friend, and make more friends, especially with the kid that no one else wants to take talk to. 

Have you seen MOONLIGHT?