On Trying Something New, and What I'm Offering

I am indie!!

It feels good to say, but you know what doesn't feel good? All several of the projects that I've started between July 2014 and February 2015 that's been completed about halfway thru until I told myself I wouldn't have the funds to put the story out so that it could be the very best that it could be. 

It was an EXCUSE. 

Not that you don't deserve a perfectly polished story-- you do-- it's just that the stress of it was a rope around my neck. I was starting to gain weight... that might be because of the large consumption of junk food, tho. Anyway, whatever. Point is, I was blocked, and miserable.

I'd found Patreon in November and was amazed at the people on there who were creating and going straight to the crowd instead of relying on retailer standards and 'list status'. I thought that I should've tried it then, but I was scared, because still, the work had to be this...and that.

More excuses.

It's taken me all of this time to finally step out and try something different. Something that would remove the rope.

I'm offering updates on WIPs and my sincerest gratitude to anyone who can pledge $1. For $2 pledges I'm offering drafts, behind-the-scenes-content, character sketches, and previews of my writing sessions-- for just $2!

On my Patreon profile I compare myself to the musician (or other talent) on the street performing with a hat out for tips. 

This is crazy, but it's better to try something, something that won't cause your heart to explode (slight exaggeration), than to start and stop lots of projects with no idea of how/if anyone will ever see it.

The Nolan Sisters: Nose Bleed will come late April. I paid for the editing last year (don't ask:) but I took the preorder down from Amazon because they need a polished draft 10 days before it's due to release, and me, panicking about how I'll fund the other parts of the book instead of doing the work, will not be able to meet their deadline. Since it will be professionally edited it will be published to Amazon, just not it's subsequent stories. Not yet anyway. Those will be given out to $2 patrons.

So if you had $2 you were planning on spending on Amazon, or here on the site to preorder, it would be awesome if you took it over to my patreon.

Or if you just landed here, not intending to spend anything:) you can still visit my Patreon because there's some free content available.