It's the end of the month, how do you feel about it? The standard answer is: "Criminey, this month flew by!" (You said criminey, I know you did) . When the heck did we all start charting how fast time is going?

Oh, goodness this month was lots of things for me, but overall I've finally decided to learn about PROJECT MANAGEMENT and let's see if I can actually execute some tasks. For a long time I've been adding things to my plate and then staring at it like a dummy when it was time to pick up my fork (der, where do I start?).

It's been a long time, people. A long time. So this was the month I finally said I'd watch some videos, read some articles, and books and figure this thing out. I'm still working on it but I've learned some valuable things so far. 

Aside from that, there were a few things I read/saw this month that are worth mentioning before March marches is way out (see what I did there? Just kidding, it was lame).

Here goes it:

1. I was searching for ways to kill my bad guy. It is INSANE the number of things you can do with WD-40 (youtube). I do admit this guy goes a little overboard ("Look, you can even wash your hands with it!") Okay, that was out of context but you'll see what I mean. The video is funny but you'll walk away with reasons to go grab you a couple of bottles.

2. This short story on “Finnegan’s Field” by Angela Slatter is a dark fantasy novelette about a six year old child who mysteriously disappears for three years, only to return home just as mysteriously — but not quite the same. At least, not to her mother.

3. This trailer for AMERICAN GODS AndOhMyGoodnessICan'tWait! 

4.  All the angry rants about changing the color of characters in adaptations. I saw it first with pissed off readers of The Dark Tower series (Facebook thread), then with Death Note. I wasn't sure my stance on it at first. I mean, of course I love to see more people of color getting roles in these movies. If it doesn't corrupt any of the storyline, why not?? And also, writers should be more diverse!

That's it. If you have anything you'd like to share, or have thoughts on any of the links below please comment!