Congrats to all of you whose work days end today. TGiF!
This week has been mostly working on The Nolan Sisters and today I'm hoping to power through a few scenes even with my head feeling all sorts of ways (sore throat, achy eyes, lingering migraine...). I got up at 5 am and read a short story, then started on this post right away because I forgot that I needed to add 'brainstorm and decide' to my schedule today. Trying to figure out if I'm ready to add a new project into the mix now, or next month (bulletpoint #4).

Here's some things that caught my interest this week:

  • I found Benjamin Von Wong while nosing around I followed a link back to his website and read this post: How I Photographed Superheroes on the Edge of a Skyscraper   I love when artists document their process, and it's interesting to see where these 'superheroes' came from and how the whole shoot was inspiring.
  • Lately, I've been searching for other ways to get my stories in front of more people. I walk around the house doing chores and listening to Youtube videos. (lightbulb on:) I'm gonna record myself reading a story and upload to Podiobooks and Youtube. I don't know if I have a voice that you can listen to for 15 to 30 minutes at a time, but we'll see. The idea came to me late last year, but I was terrified to actually do it.


  • Read a short story from Lovecraft's Monsters: Children of the Fang by horror writer, John Langan. Think I'm gonna check out more of John's work.
  • Ksenia Anske won a seat in the Amtrak Residency Program and she's been blogging about every day. It's been fun to follow. Her blog
  • I haven't paid attention to Saturday Night Live in a long time. The hubby showed me a clip from Youtube last night: "It was your mother's handwriting. She was holding the pen!" LOL!

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