*Pops out of your birthday cake*


Yep, I’ve been gone…again. I’ve done some ghostwriting, and worked on a book, and an audio drama. It’s been pretty good. No release dates yet. Those are coming soon. Until then, what day is it?


Yeah, it was a little bit strenuous

Yeah, it was a little bit strenuous

Dump Friday😀

*I saw Us and omg it was so dang good, I wish I had time to see it again that day. My husband has been trying to get us to go back and see it again all week but sadly, it’s Spring Break and kids are roaming the house.

*I saw Captive State. Everyone was mad at me for picking this movie. I was mad at myself. The trailer tricked me, I feel, and it was a whole different story. A story I just did not like.

* I saw a music video on YouTube with Idris Elba rapping and I liked it. Have you ever looked him up? The man has done/is doing so much stuff, fulfilling everything he’s ever dreamt of doing and it’s crazy and motivating to see.

Not much else to report this week. I worked a lot. Had no time for reading—or listening—to anything and I hate when that happens.

Hope your weekend is better than the last😉

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