It’s crazy how you look up and it’s Friday morning and then you blink once and it’s the next Thursday going on Friday again. Are you a person who thinks that one day in the last decade or so, time suddenly sped up? Maybe when you get over the age of 25 time speeds up. Or maybe, one day someone planted the idea of time speeding up in our minds (like inception) and it just cultivated into a thing for us.

I am constantly asking those questions of all we believe. My favorite one (not really. It’s a pet peeve😣) is when people say these are the last days. How long have people been saying that?? It’s been the last days since I was born🤦‍♀️

I don’t have anything to ‘dump’ today. This post is going up late. I tried to think of something but I got nothing. My week has been only getting a short story ready to give away. He’s You has been going out to several readers a day and I’ve been receiving lots of good emails about it so that’s exciting.

He’s You was collected in The Missing Loved Ones, which is unpublished at the moment. If you haven’t read it make sure you grab a copy. Just go to the page

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