I was reading Wil Wheaton's blog and he does this thing where he'll make a list of stuff that he wants to work on that month, then he checks in near the end and reports on he did. We're already into April, but I'm gonna make a list anyway:)


1. READ MORE! - Seems like I'm always working on this. My reading has been seriously lacking. This week I've started mandatory 30 minutes of reading before I start writing for the day. Let's see if it sticks. 

photo credit: Mountainous by  SpratFA

photo credit: Mountainous by SpratFA

2. LESS SUGAR! - I am terrible at this. My usual weekday routine is dropping my kids off at school then heading off to a coffee shop until they get out of school. Most days, I'll have a chai latte for the drive to schools, have some sort of hot, sugary drink when I get to the coffee house, and maybe one on my way out of the door. This is too much! That photo is my future if I don't Crack down on this ...and candy ...and pie, but that's for another month danggit.

3. EXERCISE! - I'm buying a jump rope this week. Sitting down as much as I do worries me. Tomorrow I'm getting a jump rope and will be doing it everyday, twice a day. Wish me luck! 

This is it for now. I've got a good couple of weeks to see how my goals work out. Hey, two weeks is a long time to stick with something. To me, it is. 

Baby steps. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

Anything you're working on? You have any current goals? (Feel free to brag about ones you've been consistent with:)