I’ve been attempting to diet since January, so I thought I probably had some advice for anyone else looking to fail at it😬

  1. Do turn directly onto the junk food aisle when at the store.

  2. Do convince yourself that the junk food you’re buying is for others (kids, spouse, etc.) so you won’t feel guilty about it

  3. Do not visualize how you will look when you reach your weight goal. Do not listen to that ideal you! That person wants you dead.

  4. Do not keep trying. If you failed Monday, don’t get back on that horse on Wednesday. It’s not worth it.

  5. Do not look on Pinterest for good-looking healthy meal ideas. (They have so many! It’s ridiculous…and evil).

  6. Do not try dieting with a buddy (especially spouses. They’re the worse).

  7. Do not try making weight goal or healthy eating wagers with friends. It doesn’t make it fun. People are liars.

  8. Do not look up ingredients in the junk you have a hard time quitting. For example, the YT video on how gummy bears are made. It only made me want everything containing gelatin.

  9. Do not reward yourself once a week.

  10. Be super hard on yourself.

That ought to do it. Follow all 10 and you’ll fail exceedingly!

All jokes aside, my ‘diet’ has been going a lot better. Instead of some strict meal plannings, I decided to put the whip away and start by making better choices here and there. Carbonated fruit water instead of pop. A decked out salad over a Whopper from Burger King. That stuff makes a difference.

I just finished a small project and I’m ready to jump into the next.

I hope whatever you want to accomplish is working out. I’ve been listening to this guy, Jim Fortin on mindset and breaking bad habits and it’s been AMAZING!

Wanna talk about something you’ve been trying to do? Email me or post a comment. This has been a topic of interest to me lately.

Have you read He’s You? It’s an author exclusive. Go ahead, click on it👍

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