Hello there! 

You and I have survived the whole effing month of April:) I don't know about you, but I'm pretty dang excited about it. Especially since all of April I entrusted my life to strangers. That's right people, I've been Lyftin'.

If you aren't familiar with Lyft, it is pretty much a cheaper taxi service. RIDESHARING is another name for it (I don't know why. If I think about it hard enough I could probably figure it outfeeling like it right now.) Anyway, it's quite an experience to get in the car with people you don't know.And not only getting in A car... it's THEIR car. Their personal car.

I took two rides a day. One in the morning, and one in the evening. Here's just a few of them:

Tammy - She picked us up in the morning. Everyone would get in the car (me, hubby, kids) so someone had to sit in the front. Tammy was not happy when I opened the front passenge door, but that was because the seat and floor were covered in trash.

Matt - He was great. Made us laugh with customer horror stories.

Jim - He had Batman stuff in the backseat, so he was cool.

Doug - This guy picked us up from the library. Usually when they come, they pull up in front of the building so we can see them. This guy parked in a parking space, then was upset with us because we didn't know where he was. When we walked to the car, he yelled out the window to us to let us know WHERE to sit when we got in, because his driver's seat was leaning back so far that no one could sit behind him. He was not a big guy either. And also, he like to listen to trap music.

At that time, we needed him to take us to two destinations. We chose to get out of the car at the first stop and just get another LYFT.

Victor - It was a rainy day. Victor picked us up in the morning with a smile on his face and a cup of joe in hand. A few minutes after starting the ride the rain got heavier. I sat in the backseat and my daughter leaned over to me and whispered if this guy had windshield wipers. That's when I noticed that Victor was refusing to turn them on. He finally said they didn't work. That didn't deter him from holding that cup of coffee though... which he never took a sip from. I don't know, maybe his cup holders were also out of commission.

Jeremy - He had condoms in the front seat. Maybe he wanted to be prepared to take care of other customer needs if necessary. Whatever the case, my husband was not happy about it.

The number of wonderful people we met exceeded the number of rotten ones, but the whole experience was a fun one. The drivers do some of everything: work in hospitals, drive semi trucks, artists, musicians, work for the police department, technicians, pastors. And they've got good stories to tell.


TNae Wilcox