It’s almost that time—the end of Game of Thrones! I am not ready for it. Like most people that watch and are not ready, I scour the net for posts just to get a little bit more. No theories, tho. I’m not really into those right now. I’ll start into them after I read the books.

The last episode was okay...only okay, for me. The masses were pissed, as you probably know. They’ve even gone so far as to petition the show (I guess anyone can just start a petition). Me? I just go along with whatever the writers give me. Not with all that I watch, but in the case of Game of Thrones I do because... well, I don’t know why I do. I just do. And when I read the books they will be their own separate things and I’ll treat whatever the books and the show have in likeness akin to finding a folded 20 deep down in your pocket when you’re broke.

GoT has been one of the greatest TV shows.

Nothing is perfect.

Every complainer on the net will keep tuning in whether it’s the last season, or the 4th episode of season 1. Those people with so much despise for the show but can’t stop watching.

An event! People gathered in bars to watch episodes like they do for sports (wish I could’ve went). It’s been a journey.

Anyway. I posted a few links below that I thought were interesting, even if they are against what I just said. The first link is a lengthy read but is by an author I respect. It’s entertaining if you have a few minutes to read thru it. The other two links are quick.

Have You Ever Heard The Tragedy Of Darth Daenerys The Wise?

This number has probably gone up:

Over 200K Game of Thrones Fans Sign Petition Calling for Final Season Redo by 'Competent Writers'

3 Minutes of Game of Thrones Cast Being Disappointed by Season 8

Enjoy your weekend!

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