A while ago I wrote a post with an update on a novel I'm working on, MOTHER. I said that I'd post a snippet from one of the drafts. There may be typos (sorry about that). Here it is:

They stopped at a food truck. Eddie ordered a bag of barbecue chips and Lady wanted a hot dog with just mustard but when the guy gave her the food it was stacked with onions. Lady tried to hide the onions.
Eddie stopped. “Geez, your breath is gonna smell like my dad’s armpits.”
Lady looked at her watch, then to the line of people. “I’ll scrape ‘em off.”
“We got time. Just walk up to the side and tell ‘em. We already waited our turn, it’s his fault we gotta come back.”
Lady didn’t move. “It’s okay, let’s just get to work. I don’t wanna have to shove this dog down my throat so I can punch in on time.”
Eddie sighed. “You know we got time.” He took the hotdog from her. “Excuse me, sir?” The man ignored him at first, rung a customer up. “Excuse me.”
“Line starts back there kid.” The man said without looking up.
“Yeah, I know. We already got our food but you made my friend’s dog wrong. She said no onions and there’s a shitload of onions on here.”
“Onions are good for ya.” The guy laughed. “Come on kid, see this line? You gonna bust my chops for a few measly onions.”
“Yeah. I paid for it. Can’t you make it the way I asked? How much effort does it take to put another dog on a bun with some mustard?”
The guy continued serving the other customers. Eddie pushed his way to the center of the crowd and started to strip his clothes. The people started to move aside, some even left. He’d gotten the guy’s attention. He made the hotdog and slammed it onto the counter. “Don’t come back!”
Eddie walked back to Lady, who was just about trying to shrink down into her clothes. “You didn’t have to do all that. Now we can’t come back.”
“So what," he said. “We’ll go to the deli next door to your job.”
“But we like these hotdogs.”
“Principles. Can’t let people treat you like that. You gotta get mad.” He growled. “Come on. Get mad with me.” He growled again.
Lady’s cheeks reddened. “I don’t let people walk all over me.”
“Growl then.” Eddie stood with both legs spread, stomped both feet like a sumo wrestler and growled. He laughed, took his badge from his pocket and put it on. “Keep Calm, I’m here to help,” he said, pointing to his badge. It was the words above his name.

This is Lady's life after coming home from an institution. She'd spent years there after MOTHER (the monster) had achieved a mass murder in the small town Lady lived in. Life isn't so easy for her, as you might imagine for anyone who's re-entering the world after being behind walls, but she's found Eddie, a young guy that works just across the street from her job.

He laughed and pointed to his badge "keep calm, I'm here to help."

In this draft he was cast to be very important to her. I won't say in what way because whether he'll stay for the final story is up in the air, but let's just say if it wasn't for him Lady would have been in pretty bad shape at the end of the story.

I was really hoping to have a date of publication for you guys. The truth is, I'm kind of terrified of it. I usually write short works. Short stories and novellas are my favorites. MOTHER will be my first novel.

My first novel! It's scary!

I think it may be that with shorter works I feel like I can grip those with both hands. Novels feels like big, wet slippery fish that I can't hold on to; a bus load of moving parts and I don't want to screw it up. So, if you're wondering what the heck is taking me so long. That's what it is. 

And I can hear Dany's voice in my head (she's a friend of mine): JUST DO IT ALREADY! 

I'm trying. I know once it's finally done I'll say "That wasn't so bad."

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