I was supposed to write a blog post yesterday, but ended up calling around to lots of libraries to tell them about Indie Author Day in October. There haven't been much success in finding libraries that fully support indies. I've come across a couple that claim to shelve your book on a special book case (upon approval). I imagine this bookshelf being in a dusty, cobwebbed part of the library, and in a 'oh, how cute. A local wrote something' kind of way.

There has been progress, though. A few libraries asked me to send them information. Oh, and Detroit Public Library had their own Indie Day (they had no idea about the state-wide day coming in the fall).

I read a few posts today on Medium and listed them here for you. I liked all 3 but really enjoyed the interview with Jeremy Whitley, a comic book creator.

From Medium:

*Lesli Woodruff writes about the duel between the words from his heart and the words from his head in Head, meet heart, meet mouth... 2 min read

*Jon Westenberg on what the word NO does to him in I love hearing the word No 4 minute read

*Melissa Giraud interviewed comic book creator Jeremey Whitley in A Black princess who saves herself and exposes princess culture? Kids and adults say “Yes!” 7 minute read