I moved into a new house last Thursday. Mostly, I've been away from the house. My family and I leave early in the morning in one car, (the other car is ridiculous on gas) I drop everyone off, (work, school, etc.) then go to the library until it's time to start rounding everyone up again for the day. Mostly, we get home around 5:30p.




Bedtime (for the kids)

Writing or watch a movie with the hubby before sleep.

Even the weekend was spent out and about for most of the day. It's been the routine. Finally, after five nights of living in this house I've explored a little bit. And right now I'm sitting in the room I've claimed as my writing spot.

I came up here to get some MUCH NEEDED writing done, but I can't help but to sit and look around. One wall is covered with mirrors, another is scenery-wallpaper, which you'll be seeing in a video (or just pics) soon. The other two walls are wood panel. It's kind of cool because when you close the door it blends into the walls (at least it's supposed to. The wood panel needs some updating). I feel all warm and cozy like I imagine the puppy above feels. And I am completely happy.

Happy. See:)