I just have to say, have you been to Amanda Palmer's website? You know who she is, right? Neil Gaiman's wife.

She’s naked. Not usually, no, I mean on her site.

Like...bush out.


Not hatin'. Not at all. It's just... WOW. That is one bold woman. Her skin looks good. Makes me think I need new photos for my website. Not that you'll be seeing my elmo-shaped bush.


It's friday again. These blog posts always remind me what day it is. Not a lot went on this week. It was that lovely space within 30 days where life reminds me that I am a woman, and during those times you will mainly catch me lazing around and eating any and everything.

I did manage to get to Bookfunnel and claim some of those free books. I looked for books with titles that got my attention. Then, if the cover was desirable, I got it! Although, there were a few I downloaded despite having a cover I did not like. That's because I liked the title so much. Here's the ones I picked:

Ignore the percentage. I haven’t started reading any of them yet.

It's not too late to pick out some free Sff.

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