Who ate bugs when they were kids? πŸ™‹

No? Not you? Well, me neither.Β 

No clue where it came from, but this week I thought a lot about how bad I was when I was a kid. I was a chronic liar, manipulative, possessive, jealous, a thief, and selfish. My mom will not agree. She told me that I wasn't Β that bad. I told her I was. Maybe time has softened those memories, but not for me. I was there too. In fact, maybe if sheΒ  knew the dozens of things I got away with she'd agree with me. 

I am usually blunt about things I did when I was a kid, but there are lots of things I think I'll just be carrying on to my grave πŸ˜ΈπŸ’€Β 



That's me in the black. And yes, I ate bugs several times. 

This is another short post, I know. I'm behind in a book project that's why. Hoping I can share something about it next week.  

Hope you enjoy your weekend. If you got the chance to read THE THERAPIST please don't forget to review it. Your reviews are my oxygen (Do you want me to die??) 😁


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