I journaled when I was younger. Just a few weeks ago, my husband pulled out a box full of notebooks that I'd been taking with me from house to house since I graduated high school. Lots of notebooks have been lost too (rest in peace years 1997-2001). 

I would come home from school and write until my hand cramped, then later I'd write more. It made me smile to see journal entries that were 3-5 pages long. Sometimes more. Things are certainly different now.  

For one, I don't journal anymore, and second, I for sure can't effortlessly write a page... not even a single page, in a matter or minutes. Everything has to be so thought out now. I think I went through a stage of learning so much about writing that it was too much.

Artwork credit:  Frustrated Artist  by  Ankush Cholia  

Artwork credit: Frustrated Artist by Ankush Cholia 

Ever tried to learn something but ended up learning so many ways to approach it to the point of feeling like you're going in all the directions instead of taking one path?  That's how I felt. A better person would've found a way to work out the kinks of their craft. It discouraged me. Caused so many start and stopped projects I would be rich if each one were a dollar. Only two or three years later am I finally seeing the light. 

Trying, anyway. I'm not so afraid to sit down and pump out a first draft anymore. It's the editing that gets me now, but hey: PROGRESS:)

I should start journaling again. Maybe it'll help loosen up the mind or something. I don't know.  

Isn't it amazing? The things we choose to stick with to learn even if it's hard and frustrates us. And it varies between us all. The woman who has knit a hundred blankets to get better at it. The artist who has drawn 365 illustrations everyday. The baker that baked the same dessert twenty times to perfect a recipe. The chess player that practiced for hours a week to be faster.

Do you have anything you practice over and over again? 

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