I've come to a very real conclusion today: I need schedules and routines. You may think the art above is a little extreme. I don't, it's what I feel like on most days.

For a few months I've been winging my days and I find myself waking everyday with frustrations of not getting things done. I need to be writing more, I need to be making more connections with people, my daughter needs more help with her reading, there should be more family time, etc. Instead of getting tasks done that are important to building, I find myself getting sucked down the rabbit hole of research and/or internet surfing. For things that are less important.

Have you ever went a day or two without doing anything valuable toward a goal you're trying to achieve? It feels awful. It leaves me in a bad mood. Saturday I woke up at 2:13a. The guilt of missing two days of writing and not having a blog post up on Friday (like I always intend to) woke me from my sleep!  Nevermind I may have had somewhat of a good excuse for it. It wasn't done!

I got out of bed, and went down to the living room where I decided that I was gonna plan better. That if I want to complete things, I'm gonna need better structure. 

And already, I feel a little better. 

How about you? Do you have a schedule you need to stick with to maintain, or are you better at winging it?