Goodbye June! 

Does anyone else sit and contemplate the happenings of the month passing? I got the idea from Wil Wheaton.  

Artwork:  Eating  by Jessica Fung

Artwork: Eating by Jessica Fung

Seems like just yesterday was June 1st and my kids were counting down the days to get out of school (and I was crying while counting down the last day of school. Just kidding. A little.)  

I don't usually think back on the last few weeks of the month, but now that I think about it, it's a step to planning goals and completing them. You can seriously go through a whole month— a whole 90 days— a whole 6 months— a whole year— in robot mode. Just living your life and not accomplishing a single thing. 

Painting the house.  

Becoming the next Alan Moore.  

Dominating that Goodreads challenge.  

That last one is all me, by the way 😁 Granted, I went easy on myself this year when I made the challenge. Still, I pummelled it. 

June was probably my best reading month so far, in the way that I read the most books, and also had two books back to back that I adored. That was Bird Box by Josh Malerman and The Watchmen by Alan Moore. 

A science fiction and fantasy short story called The Becomer by David Michael Miller was my last for June. It was crazy... in a good way. Well worth the time. It's only.99 on Amazon. 


A conversation I had with my husband earlier this month: 

Him: You've been eating a lot lately.  

Me: I've been hungry. I'm hungry right now.  

Him: No,  a lot  like eating up your snacks, then dipping into everyone else's too. 

Me: I've been eating my stress.  

Him: Okay.  

It's been so much going on. Most of it financial. I am a terrible eater in times of distress and I have no problem with that. Neither does he, because he knows it won't last long. He just wants me to know he noticed. And also, to stop eating his snacks. 

It's cool.  

Something I'm proud of that happened in June is that I started to drink more water. I hate drinking water. If I felt like being responsible, I'd at least drink half a bottle with dinner (it didn't happen often). Most days the only liquid I consumed was liquid nitrogen (coffee) and I wondered, after a while, why I felt like crap.  

•Fact: the brain is 75% water  •

Now I start my morning by downing a bottle of water, then 2 more bottles throughout the day. I feel so much better: I'm less tired and have less migraines. I'll be honest, it was an app that got me started. The amount of water intake was gamified. It gave me a goal and I looked forward to filling in the pixelated cup of water every day. 

Tell me how your month was. Did you read or watch anything good?