It's the hardest thing that I have to do, and I did it this week. What was it? I hit publish on a new short story!

I wrote a story. Then I rewrote it. Then I rewrote it again. And then rewrote it some more. Now it's out there. Ready for readers to like (please let them like it!) or not like. That's tough, way more tough than the other part of writing that I dislike

I'm worried that someone(s) won't get the point... 

Or that, even though it's been combed thru by myself and someone else, there will be typos. Major typos!  

The day after I put the story up on Amazon I went straight into working on the next thing, because what else can I do? 

But enough about my nerves.


It's Friday again. Like I said, after I finished getting the short story out I started on the next thing,  which has actually been just me observing two projects and wondering which one to take on.  

It's a toss up between another short story, or a long novella. It's been a hard decision. One I'm hoping to solve by the end of the day. That novella is looking pretty tempting.  

I sent out a copy of the new story, Therapist (or at least made a special password protected page for downloads) to my newsletter subscribers yesterday. If you're on the list and didn't get the email, let me know

If you're not on the list and want a free copy all you have to do is scroll down and sign up. It's really quick. If you want it from Amazon it's there for only .99

However you decide to get it, please remember to review it.

Happy reading!