Feels like I've been hybernating. Four weeks and here I am, two short stories and a couple of projects that are close to the middle mark of being done. I've been trying to get myself together, as far as being more productive, and seeing projects to the end. I couldn't have picked a better season to load on the work with the kids being out of school and everyone wanting to constantly get out of the house to do stuff, but I'm doing it!

I released two short stories over the weekend. Here they are:

If you decide to get one ...or both ...please be an upstanding citizen and review it. Any site you decide is fine with me. I'm not picky.

Update on The Nolan Sisters:

You remember this story, don't you? I posted an excerpt, and a couple graphics about characters. Yeah, that one. It was my project for a while, but the problem was that the story was getting bigger and bigger. And I was letting it, because I liked where it was going. So, this story has become my dream project:) Meaning, when I can afford to write it where the books in the series can come out within weeks of each other is when I'll take it on.

Unfortunately, this post is not the start of consistent, week-by-week blogging. I'll be posting every two weeks, and maybe randomly if there is a hole somewhere in a day to write one. My focus this summer is to get readers, which means putting out more fiction.

I should be writing right now. Thank you for reading! Answering emails, and tweeting are every day top priorities. Feel free to make contact.