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As with everything that I write, I learned something about myself: I'm curious about mental breakdowns. I've been working on a new short story called Secrets between Friends, in which one of the characters snap. I've written four stories like this. In Whirring, Jake went a little crazy because of an object. In Two of the Same Kind, Tyler finally decided he couldn't deal with his mother dressing him up like a girl anymore. These two stories hadn't gone to greater lengths like the other two, which is The Gift and Secrets Between Friends.

I'm a fan of psychology. One of my favorite games as a kid was to make-believe I was a psychiatrist to my dolls. I'm interested in what a person can endure and what finally throws them over the edge. It completely made sense for George in The Gift. His wife obviously meant the world to him, and it had already been taxing on him to get up and be happy everyday despite his feelings about not having a job.

 In Secrets Between Friends, Riley had been attempting to keep a grasp on sanity for years after a traumatic experience. The simple chatter of a question she's had since her teenage years is what broke her.

 I've felt on the edge plenty of times, just like I'm sure everyone has. Maybe that's why those kind of stories are so popular; it's something we all share.