I want so bad to start this post off with Good Morning! But it probably will not be morning when you read this. It's almost 7a for me as I write this. I finished up the draft for my editor and sent it to him last night but the work has just begun. Now me and him will go back and forth with the manuscript until there is a cohesive story that people will want to throw there money at me for:)

Last week was pretty good. I didn't really have any other things to do but get my chapters together, although I did start having migraines on Wednesday, I think it was, and I've had them every day since. So, Wednesday I had only outlined a couple of chapters until my eyes started to hurt too bad. It put me  a couple of days behind, which sucks.



This quote speaks to the last four or five years of my writing life. I'd been sitting on the sidelines for so long, postponing and procrastinating on getting stories out. There were so many other writers that I started out with that had shot right past me and it seemed like one day I looked up and they were publishing book six or seven.

Can't get stuck on the what-ifs and all that. Just have to push on. 

Have a great week!

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