I was hoping to answer this question via video but, unfortunately...  


So I'm just going to answer it here. I got an email from Kelly in Kansas. She asked which story from The Missing Loved Ones is my favorite. I'd have to say I couldn't choose a favorite (and I did try!) but there was one that was more fun to write than the others: He's You.

If you haven't read the book. He's You is about a little boy who was in a coma. The doctors thought he was gonna die, but he didn't. The boy wakes from the coma and goes home to find he'd been replaced.  This story went through two drafts before I decided to throw out rules and just let the story flow.

It flowed right into a ending that I was worried about. I thought people was going to hate the story but I put it out anyway. The reviews were interesting. Some people did dislike it, but there was more people who enjoyed it. 

Before getting positive reviews on the story, there were lots of times I panicked and thought I should unpublish the book just so I could rewrite He's You to give it a happy ending. Glad I resisted.

What did you think of He's You?