I try to blog. Maybe not hard enough. You have to admit, tho; it’s hard enough just trying to squeeze in time to go to the bathroom.

Why have we made our lives so complicated that we are rushing to get out of the bathroom?

I just re-published my collection of short stories for a couple of different reasons. If you didn’t read my last post (or aren’t on my list, THE NOTES where I warned everyone) it’s just a new cover, and slight expansion. No new stories.

Not yet, anyway.

There’s an offer for new signups to THE NOTES in the back of the book for my new story, Replica. I’m so happy with the way this story turned out.

I really wish I could’ve made it to the mass author event at Leon & Lulu’s this year. I had so much fun last time I did it. Hopefully, I’ll be there for 2020 spring event.

I strolled right off topic for a moment, but please if you’d like to meet me at an event just message me. I’ve been thinking of setting some events up.

What do you think?

On Amazon and Kobo

On Amazon and Kobo

TNae Wilcox