Long time!

I've been having my hands tied with getting some kind of resemblance of a routine going on since school started back, and getting the blog going every week again (still working on that). I have a kindergartner, 1st grader, and 5th grader (my nephew) this year! Yes, my mind is still spinning.

Anyway, I completely forgot to mention my visit to Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Mi. a couple of weeks ago. I'd been wanting to go forever! I took a few pics (my phone had 20% batt life when I got there. My fault.) The store was smaller than I imagined, but so beautiful and the staff were really nice and helpful.

What I loved most about it was the little handwritten notes under the books that were read by staff members.


It was also great to see the wall where the stairs were covered in photos of people holding books up with captions that read: 'This book changed my life.'


After walking around the store and salivating over beautiful book covers, (haven't seen a paperback in a few months.) I went upstairs to the cafe while waiting.

What was I waiting for?

Well, not only was I there to see the bookstore, I was also there to see Christopher Moore, author of those books that all look like cartoon-death. I'm so glad I made it out because this dude was funny.

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

To be honest, I'd never read anything by him, but after his PERFORMANCE (because he really did entertain.) I went and bought BLOODSUCKING FIENDS and I am really enjoying it.