Jen P.  from Oklahoma asked:

Why did you choose the mom in Two of the Same Kind to have that particular issue?

 If you don't remember (or haven't read)  here's a scene:

She was back not more than ten minutes later, knocking and calling through the door. She had to call more than twice because he didn't want to answer. On the fourth call she let herself in without invitation. Tyler pretended to be sleep. “What do you think of this?” she asked, ignoring his closed eyes. He looked up. It was a dress. Black with lace sleeves. He swallowed hard.

She swung it lightly from side to side and smiled proudly. “I actually made it myself. I've been working on it for months.”

“It's nice,” he said. It was. He only wished his sister was there to wear it.

“Sometimes, I wish it was just me in that car instead of them.” She started to cry. “Why is it so hard?” She leaned her head against the wall.

He walked to her and hugged her. It had been a year since his dad and sister's car accident, and it was still hard on him, too. He cried himself to sleep every night. Not just for the deceased, but for him and his mom.

She pulled back and patted him on his head. “Do you still love me?” He nodded and she wiped her face clean and smiled. She passed him the black dress. “I gotta go grab the makeup. Make sure you put the tights on the right way this time. Like I showed you.”

He took the dress.

Two of the Same Kind receives lots of love,  probably because the ending makes you tilt your head and go "awww." We all understand coming from different backgrounds. I had to come up with some rough home situations for both characters. At the time, I'd come across articles about parents raising genderless children (when the parents kept the sex of their child a secret, even from the kid). I knew if this was happening, that there were probably parents who were also choosing what they wanted the sex of their child to be. This thought bred the idea of Tyler's home life. Only difference is that his mom is going through something that stems from her husband and daughter's death. 

It makes you wonder,  if the sister's role is being covered,  what about the husband? 

 What are your thoughts, concerns about this scene?