It makes me sound like a hermit but I enjoy Saturdays when I don't go anywhere. Since I know it'll be hard to write while the kids are around, I get up at 5 so I can get a couple of writing hours in before everyone wakes.

I look forward to a nap at some point during the day but right now my eyes are tired. I laid down for an hour earlier but I've fallen into some weird habit of keeping myself half conscious. I still hear everything going on around me as I float in some space between wake and sleep.

Anyway, something great came in the mail today. I have 3 days to proof and approve so they can go on sale. I'll also be giving away some signed copies.



I know you're probably saying "um, what happened to the red and black cover?" I had another cover done because the font on the red and black one was too small, but I'm not totally abandoning it. There will be 2 editions, one with the cream and black, and one with the red and black.

Cream and black available first,  though. As soon as the paperback is approved it'll be available at Amazon and other retailers. Signed copies will be sold here.

Thanks for reading. I'm going to sleep (real sleep hopefully)