Just get right to it, you want another book, right? You probably think I’ve been over here twiddling my thumbs and blowing bubbles with gum.

I haven’t.

I have stacks of manuscripts on my iPad. But I can’t publish anything until I’m happy with what’s out there already. I did some light re-writes on The Gift and He’s You. Now, I’m finishing up some proofreading on my collection, which I’ve decided to put all my shorts in, so it can go back out to market.

You remember my collection, don’t you? The Missing Loved Ones? Yeah. Lots of people enjoyed that collection but there are tons more people who haven’t read it because there was no exposure for it.

I’m giving it a little makeover, slapping it on the butt and putting ‘er back on the block. Now that I think about it—this collection has been thru 2 covers already

Oh, not a couple. A few. I was gonna say third ones a charm but…

I really liked the one in the middle but I don’t think anyone else did. I’ll try again. I don’t mind.

That is what’s going on right now. After the collection is done with (should be just 2 weeks), I’ll be getting the next book edited and packaged well and that’ll be ready end of September or early October. If you’re on my emailer, The Notes, you’ll get the updates and chance at giveaways. And I’ll definitely be giving away plenty copies of the ebook & paperback, because they should have the cover for my next book in it👏👏

That’s it for now. The weekend is here, and even better, kids are back in school (or close to going back). Exciting, I know!