This isn't a super long post. It's more of an update on what I read this week. 



The cover is creepy and honestly, I had added it to my library on Scribd and then skipped over it numerous times when looking for a short story to read. It wasn't until I'd actually read the review at the bottom...

"Helen Marshall uses the fantastic to pry her way inside her readers' ribcages and break us wide open." 

...that I decided to crack it open at 4am. Hmmm, I thought, because as a writer of the same genre that's exactly the effect I aspire to. 

So far, my favorite short is 'I'M THE LADY OF GOOD TIMES, SHE SAID'. The way she weaves her narrative and dispenses information is captivating all in itself.

I definitely recommend this collection of shorts to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre.