It's Friday again! It's the end of April and a couple of weeks ago I did a post with goals for this month. I will be honest. There were 3 goals, I failed 2 of them! 

Terrible, right? I know, I know. 

1. Read more

2. Less sugar

3. Exercise

So bad. I will spare you my excuses. We all have tons of stuff on our plate. I'm going to try again next month. The two that I failed are actually really important to me. 

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I am super-stoked I finished NOS4A2 tho. Yes, I'm still talking about this. It's been so long since I've conquered a book with such a big page count! I prefer my books to be around 400 pages at most but it's so many good premises that are well over that.

Speaking of books, tomorrow is INDIE BOOKSTORE DAY:) Where will you go?