This past week has been reflective for me, possibly because I just broke into a new decade of life on earth, or maybe I've been staring in the face of hardships and difficult decisions and didn't let them break me down like they did in the past (I've grown!). 

I've been thinking of experiences and how they shape and mold us. How they change our perceptions and attitudes towards others. I've come across a saying that basically reads that you should be happy when you're going through trials and tribulations. It's true, you know. And while I certainly understand it may be heard to part your lips and turn the corners of them upward when faced with difficulties, I hope it serves some consolation for you to know that

troubles don't last always

every tunnel has to end at some point

the night always turn to day

the clouds will part and the sun will shine

april showers bring may flowers

seasons change

And when that happens, you and I will emerge with a story to tell and the ability to help others ❤️