Photo credit:  Rage Wallpaper  by Thoth God of Knowledge  

Photo credit: Rage Wallpaper by Thoth God of Knowledge  

My eyes feel like they are bleeding. Why, you ask? I've just looked over TMLO for about the 50th time. I am literally ready to chuck the book out of the window. Don't get me wrong. I love the stories. I'm just super tired of proofreading, but if it's what I have to do to better your reading experience I'll do it <3

I really should get an emoji keyboard for my iPad.

Saturday has been a very busy day. I'm trying to get my store up and going, along with some other things I'll be doing. I have almost three weeks to get a few short stories, and a novella up. Mother is also still in progress and planned for release at the end of this yea.

What's going on in three weeks?

I have an interview:) Yes, my first podcast interview. I'm nervous, which is probably another reason for today's anxiety (or could be the fact that it's 2pm and I've been up since 4am). I will be taking a short nap after I finish this post.


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