Almost a month and still trying to get settled in my new home. I need to get back on schedule --or am trying to figure out another schedule since my kids are almost done with school. I will miss my days (unless everything works out with the day camp I'm trying to get them in) and am not looking forward to waking at 3am just to get four hours of writing. Maybe I'm lazy, but I like to be sleep when it's dark outside.

*Read Neverboy #2. I got it like two weeks ago but just got around to reading it yesterday. The story is definitely picking up. Maybe when I get to around issue #4 I'll write a post on it alone.

*Been stalking around Greg Ruth's website. This guy has some stunning art work and I've bookmarked his site. I go there at least once a week and look. Thanks for the inspirations Greg!

*The Nolan Sisters? ...still going on. I wanted to kind of wing the series. Like, write one book, put it out, then write the next but then, I thought about something a friend once told me. She said that her favorite part about reading is always the 'Aha!' moment. I want to create moments like that in my story but just don't really know how unless ALL the stories are written. So, I'm thinking that's what I'll do. I want you to have the forshadowing and 'Aha!' moments. Don't worry though. I'm not gonna leave anyone hanging. I'm still posting extras for the story over on My Patreon (working on one now to post next week) and I have a couple surprises coming WITHIN the month that I'm not even gonna talk about yet.


*I came across ROL (Reading Out Loud) over the weekend. It's a lit mag podcast. I listened to 'It's always about the monkey'. I'm liking audio more and more. At first, it was hard for me to just listen. Felt like I couldn't pay attention for too long (I still prefer to read) but I've gotten better. It's almost like I had to practice.

*I started NOS4A2 again. I read about 20% of it awhile ago and just stopped for some reason, but have recently had the urge to pick it up again. I went back to the beginning and now everyday I can't wait to get back to where I left off. Weird.


That's all for this week. Sorry if it feels a little rushed. Got up late this morning and now it's time for me to put on that other hat that I wear ...the monkey one ...I mean, the wife one;)